Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost after the first year?

We have three subscription options after your initial subscription period expires

  • Monthly - £9.99 per month
  • Quarterly- £27.99 per quarter
  • Annual - £99.99 per year

All prices are excluding VAT.

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. You can switch to a different subscription option at the end of each subscription period .

We do not offer refunds for partially completed subscriptions.

What if I don't want to renew my subscription after the first 12 months?

Renewing your subscription is optional. If you do not wish to renew it your tablet will continue to work but you will not have access to online features such as the video calling, messaging or the web portal to be able to make changes to what is shown. The tablet will contiune to display whatever is set up at the point at which the subscription ends.

Can I use my own tablet?

No. The operating system on the myhomehelper tablet has been significantly amended to ensure that nothing can interfere with the myhomehelper software.

The software is embedded into the operating system as a full admin app meaning it has total control over the tablet in a way that it couldn't have if it was downloaded as a standard app.

This all helps to ensure the smooth running of myhomehelper giving you peace of mind that nothing else is interfering with the display.

Does it need an internet connection?

myhomehelper requires access to an internet connection to activate the display and to receive on-going updates.

Can I use a SIM card?

The myhomehelper tablet doesn't have a SIM card slot, however, you can use a mobile wi-fi device to provide an internet connection via SIM card.

How much data does it use?

Excluding video calling myhomehelper typically uses less than 1GB of data per month although there may be spikes in data usage if you upload a lot of photos in one go.

Using the Video Calling feature can significantly increase the amount of data used.

Video calls use approximately 7.5mb per minute, meaning that if you were to make a daily 10 minute video call you would use approximately 2gb of data per month. Add the myhomehelper data usage and it is less than 4gb in total per month

How big is the tablet?

The tablet is 258.5mm wide, 168.5mm high and 9.5mm deep.

The display part of the tablet is 217mm wide, 136mm high.

Is it meant to be left plugged in?

Yes. The myhomehelper tablet does not have a battery and needs a constant power source to work. As soon as it is connected to power it automatically turns on.

How long does delivery take?

After payment has been confirmed delivery usually takes:

  • UK - up to 3 working days
  • Countries within the EU- up to 6 working days
  • Countries outside the EU - up to 10 working days

Does it work outside of the UK?

Yes, we have users in countries around the world. The myhomehelper display supports over 150 different languages.

Please contact us at for information about overseas orders.

Can I set up the display at home before taking it to my parents?

Yes. We usually recommend that you have the myhomehelper tablet in your own house for several days so you can get used to the various features and how they appear.

Once you are ready, you can then connect it to a different wi-fi network in the property where it will finally reside.

Can other family members access it?

Yes, you can give access the myhomehelper control panel to as many people as you like for no additional cost

You can also control what each user has access to.