Calendar Clock

The Calendar Clock can be changed to look how you want. Each of the following can be turned on or off:

  • Date (Full, Short, Day Only)
  • Analog Clock (with optional seconds hand)
  • Digital Clock (12 or 24 hour)
  • Time of day message

You can choose from 150+ different languages and choose your own colour scheme.


The Diary Display helps to give context as to what is happening for the current day / week. You can set-up items such as appointments, carer visits, birthdays, etc. and control when they appear by date, day of week and time. Once setup they can be shown on on-going schedule, so they only need setting up once

The Diary can be displayed in either Daily or Weekly display mode, or you can have it alternate between the two display modes.


Reminders can be set to show at a specific time or to appear randomly throughout the day. You can optionally choose to show an image with the reminder and play a sound to draw attention to the display.

Random Reminders

Random reminders are used to try and encourage behaviour, such as ensuring they are drinking plenty of liquids throughout the day. You can choose how often random reminders are displayed throughout the day and you can setup as many as you want.

Timed Reminders

Timed reminders are usually used to notify of impending events, such as dinner time, visits or even that a favourite TV show is about to start. You can choose when the reminder appears, how long it stays on the display and whether you want to repeat it through the day

Reminder Responses

For those that have the ability to interact with it, you have the option, on timed reminders, to request a response back. You can define up to three response options and be notified by e-mail when a response is given.

Video Calling

The myhomehelper display is integrated with VSee providing seamless auto-answer video calling, allowing you to make video calls to the display without the user having to do anything to answer it. When you end the call myhomehelper automatically resumes control over the display.


You can send hundreds of photos to the myhomehelper display. The convenient upload tool on the myhomehelper website makes it easy for you to upload photos from wherever you are – be that at home, work or even on holiday. You can optionally add captions to the photos, which are great for reminiscence.

Instant Messaging

Send instant messages via SMS from your mobile phone, or via the myhomehelper website.

Within 90 seconds the message is displayed on the myhomehelper display with the name and a photo of the person who sent the message.

News Headlines

You can select from over 40 news sources to display news headlines. If used this feature will display up to 4 news headlines over the space of a minute. This feature is a great way of keeping in touch with what’s happening in the outside world and helps keep the display fresh and interesting.

Other Features

There are many other features including

Multi User

Give access to as many people as you want and control what they can do.


Receive notification if the tablet has been disconnected from power or if the internet connection is lost.

Night Mode

Configure the display to enter a night mode between set times. When in night mode the display is dimmed down and only the calendar clock is shown. This is ideal for when myhomehelper is being used in bedrooms.

Multi Language

Choose from over 150 different languages.